Storytelling is everything

Whether I'm writing for a brand, for myself, or forming the thoughts of a fictional character, the key to content marketing is storytelling. People love stories, they imagine themselves in one on a daily basis. If the goal is to connect, content is not enough. Understanding your audience is the only way to create content that makes them feel part of the story.

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Spencer Callaghan YMC Floor

My View From the Floor: How to Go Low to Get Better Perspective

Published by YUMMY MUMMY CLUB 
OCTOBER 17, 2016

Usually lying on the floor means something bad has happened. Did you fall? Collapse? Pass out? For me, lying on the floor has been something of a ritual since I was a young man. It feels like change.

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Spencer Callaghan LeBreton Vision

Callaghan: LeBreton bids offer two distinct visions

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

While being the national capital has its clear perks, it comes with an existential crisis: Who does this city belong to?

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Spencer Callaghan Surviving Fake News

How to Survive in the Era of Fake News

DECEMBER 5, 2016

Fake news. It’s an issue that has dominated the post-election media coverage in the U.S., and is beginning to undermine the credibility of what we read in our social feeds.

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